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For me home decor is a work in progress and I am inspired by unique and original design. My mother has wonderful taste and growing up our home was always filled with beautiful antiques she got from the middle-of-nowhere Ohio. Yes, I'd be dragged along on these adventures as well and only now do I understand that I, too, have that same desire for the hunt.  And because of this I am now fortunate to have some of these pieces in my home. Like the entry table in this photo. I love it so much and it has made the journey from Cincinnati to New York City to Denver. The surface is scratched and splitting in several places and there are marks from hot pans and cups, all of which lends itself to its beautiful character. And why it's one of my favorite surfaces to shoot on.

 Like this food image I shot for Life of Riley Foods!

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  • Sue

    That table is rock solid, warm, inviting— and you found the perfect spot for it.

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