About Us

The Modern Collector offers a unique selection of vintage home decor, limited edition fine art, and stunning antique jewelry.

The Modern Collector was born out of a desire to find unique items for my new home in Denver, Colorado. Growing up with an interior designer as my mother, our home was filled with interesting antiques and collectable items. When it came time to fill my house, I knew I wanted to surround myself with that same spirit of character and charm. So I started exploring, and found so many unique items. A splash of color. An interesting design. A quirky piece of art. When paired together or within the right context, you can really create a space and style all your own. And all these special nuances tell a story. Each item is thoughtfully selected based on design, craftsmanship, usability and, well, because I like it. 

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you'll enjoy the shop.

Styling Services
We now offer styling services!

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Amelia Alpaugh

Amelia Alpaugh is the founder and creator of the Modern Collector. A traveler by nature, she's constantly in search of pieces that tell a story.

Your home should tell the story
of who you are, and be a
collection of what you love.

Nate Berkus